All About Jajanan Pasar Indonesias Favourite Traditional Snack Padma Resort Ubud

Every country has its own traditional snack, and so does Indonesia. Back in the days, these traditional snacks can be found in the pasaror traditional open market. Hence the name Jajanan Pasar, or literally translates as market snacks. Today, these Jajanan Pasar can be found almost anywhere and not just in a traditional market anymore. You may also find them during breakfast or afternoon tea at Padma Resort Ubud. Continue reading to find some of the best Jajanan Pasar that you need to try while visiting Bali or other parts of Indonesia. Onde-Onde You might also find similar versions in China, as the snack originally hailed from the namesake country. Made out of glutinous rice flour and coated with sesame seeds, this Onde-Onde dish is then fried until it's golden and crunchy on the outside. In the past, the snack is usually filled with mung-bean paste. Today, you may find the fusion version of the snack filled with chocolate or gooey salted egg yolk. It's so heavenly, that's why you have to say it twice. Image Source: @Dapur.Miniku Kue Klepon Similar to Onde-Onde, Kue Klepon (kue translates as cake) is another centre-filled type of snacks. The cake itself is made of boiled sticky rise, pandan and coconut shred. It is then filled with succulent brown sugar. That is why this traditional pastry is usually best enjoyed with a cup of black coffee to balance the sweetness. Image Source: @ameliia_a Lemper Lemper is a traditional savoury snack made of sticky rice and filled with pulled chicken, it is then wrapped in banana leaf to keep the sticky rice from getting hard. Eating a few of these would actually keep you full, so do enjoy it in moderation if you're planning to have a meal after. Indonesians also like to nibble on it as a breakfast, pairing it with a nice cup of tea. Image Source: Diah Didi's Kitchen Kue Mangkok This sweet pastry might be Indonesia's version of cupcake, especially since Kue Mangkok translates as bowl or cup cake. However, unlike cupcakes, Kue Mangkok needs to be steamed and the top part needs to rise like a flower. This one you may enjoy it on our afternoon tea time at The Puhu Restaurant. Bulung Pudding or jelly probably needs no further introduction, and there are many ways to enjoy it. The Balinese enjoys a good Bulung pudding that is made of seaweed. You can enjoy this at our breakfast buffet at The Puhu Restaurant. Sumping Waluh Another chewy and sweet snack on our list is Sumping Waluh. This Balinese steamed cake with pumpkin is a yummy Jajanan Pasar that should not be missed, available both during breakfast or afternoon tea at The Puhu Restaurant. Kolang Kaling A hot sunny day usually calls for a refreshing Kolang Kaling, the fruit of sugar palm. It is usually enjoyed during Eid to break fasting with added coconut milk, coconut meat, condensed milk, sugar, and ice. The fruit is also versatile as you may also find it in other iced drinks. Keep an eye of the Kolang Kaling fruit during your afternoon tea time. Image Source: @theyummybowl Which one of these Jajanan Pasar would you like to try? Also sample Indonesia's all-time favourite Martabak Manis or sweet pancake that is available on our themed buffet dinner at The Pool Cafe & Bar, or the Banana Fritters at breakfast, which is the staple snack food for most Indonesians.